Share to app bug

Describe your issue

When I tried to test Share to App function it is showing my app icons for every screen.Say I have two screens then it is showing two icons of my app.
And if I click on second icon then it is opening second screen and so on.It means other function are working fine except showing more than one icons.
Here is a sample apk:
WebViewer.apk (4.8 MB)

Steps to reproduce the issue

Enable receive shared files from Screen1 properties.

Expected Behaviour

It should show one icon/app.

Actual Behaviour

It is showing more than one icon means an icon for every screen.

Show your Blocks

No blocks needed.

Android version

Android 7.0 (Nougat)

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Thanks for letting us know

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When enabled, this option, instead of displaying only one option in the Android sharing menu, displays the number of options according to the number of application screens, see:

By sharing:

There are exactly 5 screens in my app:


I think it would be better if only the main screen (Screen1) received the data, and thus would be responsible for sending to other screens.


It is already reported here.

So I request respected moderators to merge both topics.

Oops :neutral_face:, sorry I didn’t see anything related before.