Shared Position

My “shared position” application

  • Send your gps position and address to a contact
  • Save two contacts and an emergency message, to send with an emergency button his address, gps position, and a pre-recorded message
  • send every “x” minutes "defined in advance, its position and address to a contact,automatiquementPOSITION_PARTAGEE.aia (422.1 KB)


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)

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Could you translate your post. Only English is allowed.

Hello, excuse me:
I’m lost, I have trouble finding my way around this interface.
Did you ask me to write in English.
Did I publish my application correctly, and in the right place?


Yes you posted correctly but it should be in English.

C’est fait.
Merci encore.

It is done.
Thanks again.


Please, I got here by chance.
Can you tell me if there is a specific “Gallery of projects” page like with mit app inventor?

Welcome Simonetta,
Nice work :+1: I changed your topic title and category to #koded:opensource since you posted your app’s aia :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for moving it.
I am a little lost on this interface.
I’m not sure where to look for people’s apps and where to post mine.
Thanks again.

Regards Thierry


Hi, at the moment the store/Gallery is closed so you put it in the right place.