Sharing a grid created with dynamic components

Sharing a grid created with dynamic components.
Hi everyone.
I share a small project where I am testing a data grid created with the dynamic component (fantastic, thanks to its creator).
This project can be useful to many, the source may not be optimized, I hope it is clear.
I show you below a video of what it does.
I ask for your cooperation to solve 3 problems:

  1. The header must remain fixed, only the other lines must scroll vertically. (this was partially addressed with the dynamic component’s move event, fantastic).
  2. If you try to insert about 50 lines, first scrolling down and then left and right, it will happen that the focus will be automatically captured by the first line, it seems a bit of an anomaly.
  3. I would like the keyboard not to show when I enter any grid textbox. I don’t want to fix this with the clock because you would see something unpleasant.

    dynamicTable_EF.aia (75.2 KB)

I await your advice, comments.
Thank you

I can’t help you with an AIA (on Mobile).

But you can fix Number 1 like:

Create a new arrangement above your Grid, And create only the first row in there. So it will allways stay on top. Even if you try to „move“ it with the extension.

2 and 3:
If you don’t want to enter text, make it a Label not a text box.

And even with that you could paste text from the clipboard when clicked on the Label.

Thank you for your answer. The problem is that the first line has to stay fixed when I scroll vertically, but it has to slide horizontally together with the others.

I have to use some textboxes.

it mean, you have to create the first row alone in HVA1 and remaining thing in another HVA2

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That’s what I mean.

Create the Arrangement in your Horizontal Arrangement.

I will do a test during the day and update the result.
Thank you

Have a look at below topic, might help


pls test this aia ( Go to Screen2 and test, add cells and see First ROW is fixed where as you can scroll horizontally)

dynamicTable_EF.aia (83.4 KB)

Disable the Set padding part and try,

On Vertical scroll

Each ROW filed with ROW Number

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It looks very good, I only tested it. I haven’t really looked at the code yet. I’ll do it later. Good job.

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I have corrected my logic and now it works. Thank you.
I will post an updated version of my test project.
Now I am left with the keyboard problem that I cannot hide, for this problem I will evaluate the use of labels instead of textboxes, but I don’t like this solution.

If you want to hide keyboard then you can use
When any textbox got focus hide the keyboard of the component.

If you hide then how will you type into the textbox?

I had already tried to manage it in gotfocus, but it doesn’t work. Evidently the event showing the keyboard is executed after the gotfocus.

It seems that this request doesn’t make sense, but to me it does.
This table that I am testing, I will have to insert it in a bigger app that I am developing, a mini management software.
I am imprinting it with function keys where the user will often not write text, but will do research, insert a date, numbers, calculated data etc. and when he wants to, he has an “Edit” button underneath that will bring up the keyboard.

Then you could deactivate all Text boxes on Creation and activate them when you click on edit.

I had also tried this, but if it’s disabled, it doesn’t take me the gotFocus event. But I’ll do one more test.

You can activate them again if you enter the edit mode. So you can easy scroll trough and can edit if you found your Value.

I saw your idea. I like her, she’s “nice”, I’ll think about it.
But it does mean creating other components and slowing down the loading of the grid.
I think about it, but thank you @Still-learning @Ded_Sec_00 very much for your support.

Hello everyone, I’m trying not to use textboxes, but labels and only by pressing the edit button, I will replace a textbox in the cell.
I have to solve another problem first:
I want to be able to indicate the row and cell number on which it must position itself, so it must scroll to that position, which the gotFocus event of the textBox works on. How can I manage this event? In the Labels I don’t have gotFocus, I’m trying with Invoke by dynamic component, but without success.

I don’t understand your Problem.
Maybe show us your old blocks or what you tried so far.

I’m trying to use labels instead of textboxes because I then want to insert a single “Edit” button that will replace the selected label with a textbox and I’m going to type with the keyboard.
As long as I shouldn’t have any problems.

I have set the cel and row fields and a “go to” button with which I select the cell and the row concerned.
This works too.

Now I would like that when I ask to select row x and cell y, in addition to selecting it, it makes me scroll either vertically or horizontally.
This happens automatically with the textboxes because it enters the gotFocus event, I would like to be able to manage this also with the Labels.

Use this to get x and y position:

And this extension to scroll to the position:

I didn’t test it.