Sharing options

I would like a “Share” menu, like the “project”, “test”, “Export” or “help”
That menu can include the ideas below and other ideas you could post.

Publish to gallery
This should open a pop-up window where we upload icon(k is predefined), and input description. After publishing, a button like “Update gallery app” should appear instead of publish, it opens a pop-up and we need to describe what changed. If a project was published before, the project need to be unpublished before deleted, so the icon of the trash should be a cross.

See the gallery, each project should have a buttton: “add to gallery projects”. Gallery projects is like my projects, but for what we have chosen from gallery.

Invite a user
this option could be used if we want to collaborate with others in a project. if accepted, the user is e-mailed and the project appears on my projects from both accounts, if rejected, the user is e-mailed.

Get shareable link
This should show a message: “link copied” and get a link that we can share with other people to show a window that allows the user connect to companion, even if the user don’t have an account at kodular.
After doing this, when we open the menu, a copy shareable link should appear instead of get. an not enabled button should enable: “remove shareable link”
If you have any other idea, post it here.


Interesting. :nerd_face: