Sharing payed extensions

Thanks but I was feeling so bad because this young boy is annoying people.
This young boy asked for my WhatsApp phone number then I gave it to him then what he was doing everyday was to ask me to buy for him a TikTok aia and also he asked me to buy for him this extension MediaStyleNotification I then gave him.
look :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

But today is annoying people on the same thing that he does ask every time.
I didn’t want even to post that one because I don’t want to make @Ken feel bad and it will look like I have spammed his work

Sharing payed extensions is against community rules and will get you suspended. Asking for payed extensions will get you suspended to. We will consider what we are going to do about this situation.


Today you are now perfect in everything and you pretend as if you have never asked for an AIA or direct help right?
@Mateja you don’t real have conscious Didn’t you ask for this? until I got tired and gave you an aia?
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Don’t ever insult people if you can’t help them then stay away others will help them.

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Nope, you are changing the story. You wanted to work with me, and I did the job, and asked for a tiktok aia as the payment. You said you didnt trust me, and that I should send the finished work first. I, stupidly, did. Than you sent me an zip containing the aia that had a password, you gave me the pw after like 10 minutes. Then, when I uploaded the aia to the kodular creator it wasn’t what I asked for, instead it was a WhatsApp status app (that you probably bought earlier to save five bucks). You renamed the file to TikTok aia. When I told you that, you went:

OOH MY MONEY :disappointed_relieved:

Nope, you still haven’t.

I honestly knew you were lying, but I let it slide. You said you would purchase it for me in a week.
After a week, you said you didnt get the money yet and wanted me to do another job for you, a chat AIA (once again asking for direct solutions). I did it and you also said that you do not trust me and that I should send the finished project first. I didn’t, and you were thinking I was a scammer. You wanted me to, for the 2nd time, send you the finished product first. I DIDNT EVEN RECIEVE THE PAYMENT FOR THE FIRST ONE, STILL! YOU OWE ME THE TIKTOK AIA! I think this is enough proof, I just want to get my tiktok AIA in my PM and never work with you again. I honestly do not recommend anyone working with you. And yes, it was my fault for even trusting you in the first place.

How do you expect us to handle this? Suspend you both? See it as a life lesson. What will be sure is, is that we will keep an eye on you both.


You @Mateja unconscious boy I have sent peter all the chatting from WhatsApp to @Peter let him decide what to do between me and you.

Please @Peter I ask for forgiveness I will not repeat to share any extension.
Please I din’t know if it is wrong. :pray: :pray: :pray:

I am so sorry @Peter i will never repeat again.

Off course you knew it was wrong. You are an adult.

I am sorry I will not repeat :pray: :pray:

I honestly don’t know why any of this has to do with Peter. I said that I will leave this here and I do not want to continue arguing.

You got a point there.

This honestly made me smile.

Young boy @Mateja you don’t have respect at all you know that @Peter is an admin and staff to Kodular community he represents all staffs on this topic then what are you saying.
Don’t you know that he can suspend you immediately?

What? When did I say that!


Yes, I do. Even if he does, I feel like we kinda deserve it but hey people get chances.

@Lily & @Mateja,

You have both purchased extensions from me.
I don’t understand why this happened…

Lily, you know how hard I worked on the MediaStyleNotification Extension:

ontstudios, you know that I am a fair and that I do care about my customers:

So, how does something like this happen?


Honestly, I didnt know something like this wasn’t right. I meant for her to buy me it, not to share it with me and for her to use it. But I guess there is no going back.

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I am very sorry @Ken I will not repeat it is just I wanted to help this young boy seems but he seems to have no conscious I am so sorry @Ken I apologize it will not happen again.
Please @Ken forgive me :pray: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

@Mateja You better keep quiet you don’t have conscious, you don’t even feel sin into your heart.

Lily, I am trying to be nice, but you keep on calling me unconscious, annoying and disrespectful, why?

investigate your heart you will then know why