Sharing with friend to build app

hi guys,how do i share an app with my friens so we can work together to build it.Meaning that 2 or more people can build an app together

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you can do one thing you can divide the work among your friends and when the first one finish the work then he/she can send the aia to the other one and then the other one can complete and you can repeat this process


Well, you can’t use Kodular with several PCs at the same time, so as @Yashsehgal022 suggested, you can let your friends to work different screens and then combine them into one app.


who said that we can’t use kodular on different pc with different account

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that can also be done :+1:

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Oh sorry, I forgot the words ‘same account’.


By the way I am. Making duplicate of same account window of chrome and then I use it on my laptop and computer and mobile phone at same time

This is not good practice and can cause issues and may lead to corrupted project. You should only run one instance and one project at a time


Hello @LOSHA_123 I think you can share the user id and password with your friends circle only then they can have all the changes done by you in your project i am also doing in the same way only

thanks.This helps me a lot

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