Shayri app aia file for makeroid or kodular

Description: This aia file made in makeroid or kodular and we can create a shayri app with this aia file. The shayri app has simple design icon and splash screen. The app has six categories love shyri, birthday shayri, friends shayri, sad shayri, attitude shayri and funny shayri. The main screen has a simple exit button. All the categories have the design template with images. Each category has the 25 shayries. Each categories screen has the back, next button to change the shayri and share button to share the shayri on WhatsApp. The categories screen also have the home button on top. We can create more categories by copy the screen. We design only one screen and all remaining screen copy from the same. The app is completely offline. the app has banner ads at the bottom of shayri and interstellar ads at the share button.

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Nice app for Indian peoples

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