SHELL (User Prompt Dialog)

I’m making an app in which I want to uninstall a package of a game. I tried Shell component and KIO4 extension. After searching I found the command but when i start the command through App created by Kodular it don’t give the POP UP (Prompt) dialog for user to accept.

The command i used in SHELL and KIO4 :-
am start -a android.intent.action.DELETE -d

But when i use this command in TERMIUS app it successfully provides user prompt.

But in my kodular app the command successfully runs but there is no user prompt. Please help me.

Here i used MT manage just for example.

If you want prompt to be shown then you can try this extension:

And don’t forget to report a bug if you are sure that shell is not working fine.


Thanks a lot… :heart_eyes: This is what i was looking for… Superb extension… :star_struck:

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