Shopping App Template

Shopping App

I made a shopping app recently.
And now I want to sell it now

This contains :slight_smile:

  • Offer slide bar in the home page
  • shopping cart
  • product grid view
  • products from fast loading database.


More screenshots soon !

If you have any questions regarding this template ask me !!!

Thanks Kodular


Nice app brother


I really liked it! :clap::clap::clap:


Nice Application

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Please share aia… Pls​:pray:

The category is not open source so its totally developer wish and I don’t think he want to share which is absolutely fair
It rhymes lol

I like this, lots of work must have gone into this.

something awesome is coming from my side also… :shushing_face::smirk:

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Please share Aia… How much paisa u need?

What’s it?:laughing::laughing::laughing:

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It means money

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wow, is it possible to build that sidebar menu, with card view as items?

Build a customized menu in an arrangement and set it as your sidemenu.

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Ya, it is possible & very easy to add card view or any other components in sidebar.

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are talking about the sidebar that already in the kodular components? or customize sidebar using arrangements?

You have to create custom one.
As this is not possible with side menu layout.

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ya, i am talking about Customised sidebar with arrangements.

You should tell that it is possible to create customise sidbar otherwise people get confused.

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Can i get the test Apk?

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This application isn’t maintained anymore