Shoppy - Shopping List

*Arrange your shopping list
*add new items, as much as you want
*update items
*mark item as “In Basket”
*delete items
*delete all list

link for download: (screenshots inside)

In a few weeks I will upload a second version with share option and faster selection of items, you will be able to share the list with others
if you want to look into… AIA is available
shoppy.aia (303.3 KB)

Thank you kodular team for great platform


Keep up the wonderful work

you are creative

Nice app.Keep developing good apps on Kodular.
Regards from me.:heart:
BTW Is it open source?
You have shared AIA file it does not means that it is open source.If you have any license than it is illegal to manipulate your hard work.
So for now keep it in Koded Apps category.

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no problem

attaching some screenshot can be helpful, it make your post look good