Shortified [Url Shortner]

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Describe your app:

  1. No need to sign up
  2. This app shortens long links into very short manageable links.
  3. Save links for later use
  4. Easy to copy


App Store/Download link: Shortified.apk (7.6 MB)


When I open Saved Links with no saved link


Can I have the AIA Source Code? Also, why don’t you add an option to remove/delete links.

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Thank you for letting me know the error is solved (maybe) :sweat_smile:

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The option already exists
The hint has been added
Tap on link to select link - You can then copy or delete it

I mean to take down links.

It’s really a cool app!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you mate :innocent: :innocent:

Hey there, I recommend using your own domain instead of a free service. This is a good project for learning, but if you’d want to make a professional app you’d need your own domain that shortens links.

Also, you could improve your UI as there is a lot of space and everything isn’t centered

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Right now I am working with zero budget. This is also a reason i am not able to buy a playstore account.
But thank you for your suggestion. Will work on that Thank you :innocent: :smile:

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That’s great, have fun koding!

I tried finding out a method but there isn’t any so. I will be updating the app with few more different links which will provide more functionality like life of links or stats about how many clicks the link got etc. Thank you :innocent: :thumbsup: