Should I need to change the index vale

Every day should I need to change the index vale?

@Girish_Siva Be specific with your requirement/query

Earlier you needed to get data from a particular cell. You didn’t mentioned whether that problem was solved or not and now you want solution related to getting data from a row. Be clear first and then expect someone to answer your query.

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The previous problems are solved by doing the steps that you have suggested but now new problem is created. Yesterday I got the data using these index but today I am getting data with different index.

It seems this is a new question and not related to the previous one. I will split the topic into a new one.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Is there any solution for this?

Can anyone help me out from this issue?

I suggest you read this:

My problem is one day the data I am getting with some index value and the another day it get changed i.e.the data index getting changed. I have tried searching in google as well as in this website but I could not find the solution.

So that only I asked this query.

I think,I read it somewhere that the values you get in the list are not in the same order as seen in the airtable sheet. But I am not sure. Check get values by performing ‘Do it’ if the order of the list you get, is same as seen in Airtable sheet or not.

The same problem is continuing if I do with “Do it” also. Is there any other way

Is there any other way to solve this?

You just block it too complicated… You problem can be simplier and easier to solve. Just follow the ask questions guidelines, maybe i can help, since im using airtable a long time, but i still didnt get enough information you are expected happen…

See my question is clear
Day 1:
value 1- A
value 2- B
value 3- C
value 4- D
value 5- E
value 6- F, etc.

Day 2:
value 1- C
value 2- D
value 3- A
value 4- E
value 5- B
value 6- F, etc.

Like the above, the values are keep on changing while getting from airtable. Is now my question clear?

Is there any way to solve this?

Can anyone help on this?