Should there be a community for off topic?

I have had this idea for so long! Would you like to have a community especially made for everybody to share their experiences, achievements regarding different topics. Maybe you’re a chef and want to share any recipe? Maybe you are into science and would love to ask other people opinions about it. Topics range from food to science, vehicles and even sports. In this place you would be able to share what you want with everybody, discuss together in a friendly environment. People could post about their apps and their successes over there as well :slight_smile:

  • Yes, I would love if such community existed!
  • Maybe, I’m not sure yet, will see what time says?
  • No, not really interesting at least to me…

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If many people request this, I will be on this by tomorrow.

You can be a moderator if you want @Ben :sweat_smile:

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Actually the community is ready to go and setup, it will be released only if enough people will be saying Yes :slight_smile:. I am the administrator, I will be just looking for a few moderators.

  1. Can I be one?
  2. Which forum software are you using?
  1. I’ll put you in the candidates list.
  2. Not Discourse, for now it’s secret (I don’t want anyone to find out the design). I’ll share it after the polls in all of the communities will be closed. Probably in 3 days.
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I was going to suggest something I’m helping (I’m 100% sure you will like it)

Message me. To not make this too off-topic.

Isn’t this like where Reddit is made for?


It’s not like Reddit. It uses a different system, I would say? …and taking these amazing people from current communities who also want to share something of their own would form a nice environment for everybody. I would even say that Reddit is kinda decentralized.

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