Should we make e-commerce website app in new makroid

makeroid please tell me should we make e-commerce website app in makeroid please ans me

How should we know if you should make such a website app?

you better now makeroid features please tell me

If you are willing to learn a lot, yes it can be done.

please tell me how

I guess you should use a Firebase for that. But don’t ask me for help. I never used Firebase and also don’t have the time. Busy with a lot of others things like running the forum.


but hows man help me

I would say just start and when you have a specific question ask it here. Maybe there is someone who has an answer.

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I can help you…

i also make it for you…

Yes it can be made.
But it will take a lot of time and labour.

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We can make app… shopping app it’s called…
And… For e-commerce website… You can check… WordPress. And it’s not website forum… :joy::joy::joy:

I can make it …

مرحبا كيف يمكنوني اضفات الاعلانات

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