Show articles and images taken with the Blogger Api

I can pull the titles of the article with the Blogger Api. I can also show the article on the new screen when it is clicked on. But I also want to shoot the visuals at the same time. How is this done?
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What happens if you add specific image - using id, in open another screen with start value ( just add it in make a list ) ?

I didn’t manage to get a picture from the data. Only the titles are visible. I couldn’t get a picture to open when I switched to the second screen.

Could you post a sample of your json response and where are images ?

Actually, I don’t know how to take a picture. I took the articles using dynamic text. I also managed to do this for 1 month by looking at the videos and documents. I think I thought that if I took the article thanks to dynamic text, I could also take the pictures as dynamic images, and I added a dynamic image. But I don’t know how to use dynamic painting in blocks. I

I have deleted the Blogger API. It works with any API.

BloggerVeriCekme (1).aia (7.1 KB)

You are trying to show the while image list into this dynamic image…

Well , this is not possible.

Use select list item get global images
Index get number,

Just like what you have did for title


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