Show file names in directory

Is there a way to show all the file names in a directory?

Like with TinyDB you can get tags and set a label or a list with all the tags.
How can i show the file names which is saved with the File property

Be more specific, I don’t understand really well what you want.


Okay. so im using this to save files to a directory. Lets say a folder named Download:

On another screen i want something to check that folder and retrieve all the names that is saved inside it

I am not sure because I never used this Compnent, but when you initianlize a variable on first screen with this file and TIiny DB set to that variable. On second screen you initialize tiny DB tag of the Tiny DB of last Screen and then you get the file name? Sorry if I’m missunderstanding.


So the main issue is that you set Tiny DB value to store on FIRST Screen to File1.file name and then on SECOND Screen you call initialize a variable to get tag of the Tiny DB.

I thought of that yes but if the TinyDB tag gets missing but the file stays in that folder i would never know if the file is there or now. Accept get an error if i want to read the file and its not there

Then I don’t know either. I think there’s a good (and easy :blush:) solution for this, but I don’t know it. Sorry.

You can get list of file using the FileList property of @Taifun’s File Extension

file extension

Do read the note below it to get more from this property.


Before you switch to the other screen (Screen2), you can check on Screen1 if the file(s) is (are) still there:


then the TinyDB tag should also be correct.

See also here:

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