Show off your Kodular + Baserow project for a chance to win some cool prizes

Hello Kodular community,

My name is Olga, and I’m the Community Manager of Baserow. Thanks to @oseamiya and @Sumit1334 there are two Baserow extensions, and recently I’ve seen a growth in tutorials created on how Kodular can be paired up with Baserow. Based on this, I believe some of you have built some great projects using both of the tools.

So today I want to invite you all to participate in our contest for a chance to win a 100$ gift card, Baserow goodies, and Premium Plan for 1 year. If you have built an app using Kodular and Baserow, show it off and become a glowing inspiration for others. Participate in the Baserow contest by clicking here.

Thanks for your attention, and I wish a great day for everyone here :blush:

Warm wishes,


Remember that you can also connect to Baserow with the web component, but the extensions make it much easier. I selfhost Baserow myself but the hosted version is also enough for most people.


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