Show chart with Image Picker

Hi community,
With the following blocks I can see the graph in the emulator. However, when installing the app on the mobile, it does not show the image of the graph.


My data:
Mobile phone: Galaxy S7 edge
Android version: 6.0.1
Emulator: MEmu Play

I get the data to graph from Firebase, with which I build the lists for:
X axis: listDays
axisY1: listTempMax
axisY2: listTempMin

I have tried the following, with no success:

  • Enable and make Image_picker visible, with the same image results without displaying
  • In the project settings change to older Android versions, generating the corresponding apps. It still doesn’t show the image in every test.
  • When configuring the project with newer versions of Android, the phone indicates an error.
  • Try the Image selector instead of the Image_picker, with the same results.

I will appreciate if you can give me some help with this.

Welcome to the community, unfortunately your picture is so blurry so no one will be able to help you. Go to block section, right click and choose Download Blocks as Image


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I thought I need to go to doctor to check up my eyes. Oh, thank God. You saved my doctor fee @dora_paz :rofl:

Thanks dora_paz,
I changed the images, editing the initial post.

How about show the chart in webviewer?

With webviewer now it does show the chart.
Now I have some black bars above and below the image, which I will see how to remove them with the webviewer configuration. I will also see if it is possible to display the chart wider than the container and scroll by swiping.
Thanks a lot!!!

In fact there are several extensions for chart.
If you want to set the webview wider to scroll horizontally, put it in a horizontal arrangement.

I’m on that …

Here is one

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