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What i am Trying to ask
In my county GMT is +5:30 Hours
Now, as you all know Kodular community is the community where from several countries people join. When anyone post their post then the time shows 1 hour ags or the time which is past. There this is not written any date. For every country it is showing different hour ago. all countries have their own time. Now if i make a list of time store in airtable from my Country where GMT is +5:30 Hours

Example:- 3:00 PM(from my country)
X country time:- 12:00 PM
Now other county like x country have their other timezones. But this will load same as it is but now if x country upload time at 12:00 PM and my county time is suppose 3:00 PM exact. It should be seen as Now upload or something else which the time.

Is this possible to create a time system for all countries like Kodular community.

If you store the Timestamp in ms it should be in the right Timezone if changed to time and date.

How, what do you mean?:sweat_smile:

In what format do you save your Post time?



i think, you can use UTC to local time i think

Can you explain with more details.:worried: Please

With Timestamp I mean this:

Input the instant and when you get it make milliseconds to instant and format date.

You mean that i have to convert time to milliseconds and then?:slightly_smiling_face:

Get user time by this method{USER_IP}.txt

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What is this for?:slightly_smiling_face: @Avijit

Then upload it and when you get the data convert it back. It will be in the right timezone.

How to convert it @Ded_Sec_00

Use this with the „current time“ Block when you upload the post:

When you get the data for the post use this to convert it back to an instant.

You can input this instant in a Format Date with Time.

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