Showing 2 Lists Values side by side

I want the Following Result By combining 2 List Values as Follows

This is actually a Shopping List
Apples - 1 kg - 2
Bananas - 1 kg - 5…

I tried this way

Result is as follows

How can I get the result in the way I wanted.

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Leaderboard ?

Something like this maybe ?


Thank you very much. Will and let you know.

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It worked @dora_paz
I tried this way

and the Result is

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I would like you to ask one question, Why do need to use the local variable?

It’s up to you , this variable is only used in the procedure otherwise you have to create a global variable if you are planning to use that list further


Thank You So much for solving my problem

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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