Showing a specific URL’s links in external browser

Hi, I am building an Android app. I have a Webview component in which I can successfully load my site and follow the links. I need to do the following and need your help -
I reach a specific . This webpage opens in the webview and it has some links in it. I need to open the Links of that page to open in the Phone’s Browser with some notification like “The link will open out of the App. Do you want to open the link in Chrome etc.?”- followed by two buttons- “Yes” and “Cancel”. If the user taps “Yes” the link opens in external Browser. Tapping “Cancel” puts the user in the webview and does not open the link.
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You want that if user wants to open the link in his own mobile broweser then it will open other wise in your web view component

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Use The Component to do it will redirect to other browser

this is exactly what i want. I have a lot of links and buttons on my site. Some of them are links to my site, while others are links to other sites. I want it to stay in the application when the links of my own site are clicked, and redirect to a different browser such as google chrome when the links of different sites are clicked. Thank you.

are you in there

did you used this block " call.Web_Viewer1.GoToURL = URL