Showing only Banner ads

Only Banner Ads Showing. Interstitial ads not showing.
Yesterday I uploaded my app on Google Play Store. When i open my App then only Banner ads showing Interstitial ads not showing please guide me.

your interstitial ad blocks is wrong.

when screen initialise - load ad

when button click - show ad

Your topic title is not the place to ask a question. I changed it.


I mean i have made webview App.

After Load you must need to show your interstitial ad by adding Show Ad block.

Why not first learn the basics of Kodular before you ad ads to your app. I can already see you have trouble with the basics looking at your blocks.

You have so many ads that you can call it an earning app and those are not allowed.


Sir Please check this blocks.


Add Show Ad block instead of Enabled.

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Thanks a lot Sir.

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