Showing Runtime Error Index 33, Size 0 Plz Help

You trying to select the 33 item of a list which have 0


Looking at your screen it is an earning app, why else ask for people to click a link to earn money? Earning apps are not allowed by Kodular and Google.


ok i change my app but how i solve error

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ohhh ohk thanks kodular but my ads also not showing i try all type apps admob ads not showing

It may have been tagged as a Earning app by Kodular bot

Hello, I am Facing same issue after recent update. Please tell me the solution.

@Developer007 Open a new topic and provide as much info as possible please

But it is prohibited to start a new topic if one already exist on the same issue

I am getting runtime error index=3, length=3 , some time index=0, length=1

Nice that nobody of you guys show any block or anything what you tried…
And too nobody shares a apk with the issue…

Do we look like wizards to know every problem on this world? NO.

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Sir I have about 2000 blocks in my app. I don’t know which is causing it. one more thing that it just started happening after this update , before this recent update app was working fine .
I am providing some screenshots.

And now a apk…
And write too steps to get the issues

is there any private way to give apk ?

You can use Private Messages (PM)

ok, m sending you apk in PM sir.

Step are to tap arrow image and play now. play all quizes like this. and play multiple times. by closing and opening app again. This happens sometimes not everytime

I asked you for steps to reproduce the error.
I dont signup in your app.
Provide a test login or I can not help

I just need a apk with the error. Nothing more.
Iam really sure there is something wrong in your blocks logic.

Because if all is correct you wont get this errors

It happened only after Kodular update my app is also showing runtime error i have no list no index in my app added . Please give any proper solution to remove this error

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The runtime error in my app is due to ads / firebase. I have one ad banner and one interstitial ads on screen which i am controlling (enable / disable) through firebase. When i enable both ads to show this error shows in my app but when i disable one or both ads the error message not shows.
I think others who are getting this runtime error may be also due to above mentioned

Hope kodular will help us to remove this error.

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Yes sir, you don’t have to signup in my app. But That’s what the problem is My app was almost complete and now error is occuring. And I didn’t know where the error is. But as @Mohd_Younis said it is correct that error is most probably because of admob ad component. because I also have banner ad in my app and where the error is occuring there I am calling a banner ad load block also. And if I disable ad , error is not occuring.

But its more complicated because when I load banner ad separately in a Test project, it is working fine. So its complicated to telll how to reproduce the issue.

@Mohd_Younis Please show your blocks , how you are loading and showing ads ?