Showing Runtime Error Index 33, Size 0 Plz Help

But I saw A real one… Like Boost Your traffic and things, It showed a Test Ad at first then it showed a Real one

Nope i did not take it

Okay will try

It Showed Once Though not anymore


open the app again. see if real ads appear!

not appear? its not possible tho

Same " Error index 1 size 0" with my app it just happened after exporting the apk today to share it with a friend to test it. I did not do any modification today just exported the apk. I tried to install the previous apk by asking my other friend if he still has the previous apk i sent him and its working.

update …
I’l try to remove the admob banner and see if the error will disappear .


Same problum for me
Index 1 .

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Until nobody makes a log for us using logcat we can not fix anything.

I can not reproduce all runtime errors above… since nobody provides a apk with detailed steps to get the error.


Ad showing clicking after 30 seconds

My two friends are also getting this error

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i am also got this error

Same Problem i am facing

Lots of people are saying they have the same problem. While that is unfortunate, if you want help, please help provide some debug information.

Get an APK available for others with clear steps on how to recreate the issue. Use adb commands and get some details. Sure there are going to be bugs, however if we want to fix them, we need to understand them. To understand them we need to be able to replicate them.

Install adb on your devices and learn a few commands, to help get the details to isolate and solve.


Can really nobody create a test apk with the error:
“Runtime Error Index 33, Size 0” or anything like this?
I dont want a test ad apk.
I want a apk with that exactly runtime error.
Else I can not know which thing the bug create.

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I found this error happening when i used a cardview extension and it requires 4 fields of input as list and on a certain input i made a list and set it to a empty text box as a result the cardview Extension tried to get the 2nd items from that list and caused this error as well. I just mentioned it in case it helps

shayariJokes.apk (8.3 MB)
try this apk i am also facing this problem

It’s your problem. Show your Blocks

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This error is not similar to the topic.


I got same error.When i clear app data its fixed.I cant find problem source.I will try find it