Shuffling questions

i already searched forums about this topic but i still cant do it.
i tried this blocks that i found in the forum, but it does not show the questions neither the choices…

the quiz app that i am currently working runs almost perfectly… now i changed my mind and wants to shuffle the questions. if anyone wants to help i can send aia to examine my blocks.

But this blocks seems to be good only… did you test it? But the problem is , if you pick then upon few more click user may see the same question again. So you need to shuffle the questions and then choose one by one. But you should not shuffle everyone. Else as i said earlier user will get same question again and again

This example may help you :-

Use List Utils extension by appybuilder

If helpfull then please mark as solution

yes… but all of it are empty… i found another set of blocks from puravida…

can you help me guide with it? like how should i translate this blocks into mine…

i dont understand “list from csv rows” why isa it a to h.?

sorry. i cannot… not when its not even close to what i aske… sorry

You just leave it… already you are having list of questions… so you can use select list item list block itself… you can use as it is as given in the when button1 click block

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okay sensei… ill try and experiment… but i am still not confident on how should i proceed.

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Do not worry but I suggest you use copy list block to proceed this operation…

Here you may use append to list
List 1 = myList variable
List 2 = list from csv row text “A"B”
You can first keep myList variable empty list then In screen 1 intialize use append to list

well, it is an example…
and it uses the list items A, B, C, etc. up to H to have some items in the example list


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