Side Bar Menu Image Dimensions

Could you please provide the dimensions for Header Image and Header Background image

use 150x150 for header image and 1200x700 for header background.

Make sure the image size is less. As less as possible to make your app run faster.

Maybe a bit too big don’t you think.



We can use even low resolution, if we want to make small size app but I like using this resolution, because now a days everyone have hd resolution phones so y not use atleast little hd image for you app. What your opinion on this Mr @Boban

But at the end it’s all depends on the developer.

To avoid memory issues etc, you should stick to dp sizes.

And as you already said


How about 1216x688 ?

what do you mean by dp size ? I tried using a size of 1216x688 and it looked good… when I changed it to a smaller size it looked blurry on my mobile… any idea ?