Side by side Image with "Fill Parent" doesn't work!

Describe your issue

This is a very basic bug and it’s happens with Compagnon and APK !

It is impossible to show two images side by side with their width and set to “Fill Parent”, only the first image is displayed

Steps to reproduce the issue

Put a horizontal arrangement, with two images inside, with their width set on “Fill Parent”.

Expected Behaviour

Both images are displayed, as in the preview on the builder

Actual Behaviour

Only one of the two images is displayed

Show your Blocks

No blocks

Android version

OnePlus 5T, Android 8.1

Does it happen on app inventor too ?

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I’m trying

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Both images are displayed, but their widths are not equal

AppInventor is so bad compared to Makeroid :scream: !

Width 50% works.


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Yes, I’ll do it like that :slight_smile:
The only problem is that I want to put them in a custom dialog, so I don’t know what size to put in percent so that it fits perfectly :confused:

Hi, how did you get the 2 images to be beside each other?


Simply put 2 images in a Horizontal Arrangement, and set their width to 50% or to fill parent :wink:

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Thanks for the help

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