Side Layout menu BUG

is any mistake with my block? because every i back to this screen, my companion suddenly out, but screen in web are moved, and it can’t be export as apk

(Sorry for my bad English) I am not professional but I think the number in the group should not be the same.
And the checked should not be all true
Something like this

oke i’ll try

in kodular new version you can create your custom side menu.
thats awesome and no need add items.
just create a vertical arrangment and put anything on it and design it
then in Screen1 blocks , use Screen.SideMenuLayout to > your vertical layout

Really? I’d try it

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You have never read the side menu block description and you did also not searched at communty before creating your topic…


?!? That’s not true because it’s possible since almost 1 year or more?


yes by new i mean they think this option not available yet.tnx from you and kodular team :wink:

i didn’t found the same thing with my topic

Still as same as before, companion still suddenly out, and cannot export as apk

If the image contains all the blocks on that screen then there won’t be any error else post all the blocks image

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