Side menu Does not Opens

[βœ“] I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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When click on side menu button the menu dosent apper. I tried it in Companion as well as in Compiled Apk. I made A custom side menu using arrangement. It was working fine I am facing this problem from today.

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Sorry for background sound.

Android version : 10

Hope this problem/bug fixes.

Have you set your side menu layout visible?

I dont think so :smiley: .
Also @themaayur it’s always good to read the block description.

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Ohh I am really sorry due to many arrangement in my screen by mistake I made that Menu Arrangement to not Visible.


@Mika You can close the the Topic. Once Again Sorry for inconvenience

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When using custom side menu layout, it should be set visible to work properly else you have to swipe right the screen to open the side menu.

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Yes I Know that due to confusion, As there are many arrangements on the screen