Side Menu Layout - BUG

I am creating a custom “side menu layout” as you can see in the blocks below.
Except that there is a bug that when connecting to companion or compiling and opening the apk on mobile, the app quits and exits as soon as it opens. The only way it didn’t stop is by doing what I did there, to make the arrangement invisible until it’s opened. Is this a bug or a mistake of mine?

It’s a mistake of yours. Hover over the block.

I did not understand

I hovered over him, but it’s still giving me trouble if I take off the invisible arrangement.

If I leave it like this gives the bug
blocks (1)
The companion simply closes

Could you show us what your procedure “Ajustar_orgMenu” does? Registering “orgMenu” while it’s hidden may cause a problem. (After the registration had completed, the arrangement automatically hides.)

I’ll send the “Adjust_orgMenu” picture below, but I don’t think this is the problem, because I also tested it with an empty vertical arrangement, and without adding anything to it, and it didn’t work out.

And before I forget … Thank you very much to all of you for helping me!!! :v: :+1:

Yes, I’m facing same issue with sidemenu layout…
Prokoders please test this

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make sure always visible sidemenu arrangement

@OfficialDjJohn are you setting that layout invisible? because we have to make it visible before setting as side menu. i have tested setting a vertical layout as side menu and its working properly.

Thanks for your response Imran I’ll double check it and post whatever I get …

can you pm me that Project or Screen?

Never tried to have Dynamic component in the menu but you should have the blocks in the right order


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Did you try to do it with the loaded items without using a list?



Yes, and it didn’t work either. I also tried to do with an empty list gave the same error.

That “Adjust_orgMenu” procedure does not affect this operation, because I already did it without it and it didn’t work the same way. I think you might have confused him with the “Adjust side menu” block. If it were this block, it really wouldn’t work in the order it is in because it wasn’t considered a “side menu” yet. But since that procedure is only adjusting a common vertical arrangement, it has not changed at all.

Good to know. Thanks! That must be why the mate always closes.

But oddly enough, when I make it invisible, just like the first image, and only when it’s added does it make it visible, doesn’t that sreen initialize bug. But thanks for the help, I will try to do this and add the menu in a separate block.

As I said here The companion was closing automatically
I made the custom arrangement visible
I didn’t dragged the side menu component
BUT now the companion isn’t crashing but I’m facing another problem
The side menu isn’t scrolling even if my custom side menu arrangement is vertical scroll arrangement…
Is there any way to make custom side menu scrolling?