Side Menu Layout component (Image header)

With the “Side menu layout” component, can I do something like this image?
In the Layout of the side menu, I do not want to use the upper space of the image. I want to place the menu items instead.

You can create your custom side menu using an arrangement, and thus block :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Mohamed_Tamer for the reply.

Yes, I saw here in the community that it is possible to customize using AH. But I really wanted to know if the Layout component of the side menu did that too … but from what I saw here, it doesn’t work now.

I say that, because I didn’t want to use any more components in my app. :laughing: :grimacing:

What do you mean by AH?
Also can be more clear with why you don’t want to use custom side menu?

In this example of yours, if I have multiple screens, do I have to make arrangements on all screens? Or do it in just 1 screen and pull the menu to the others?

Horizontal Arrangement

Yes you have as far as I know.

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Then I think it should be HA not AH :sweat_smile:


You can use virtual screen’s(arrangements), so that using multiple and repetitive components for side menu can be avoided


Cool :grinning: :thinking: :open_mouth: … and how can I do that?

See tip one here :point_down:

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Thanks @Vaibhav
I will read the article. Thank you for your help

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