Side Menu Layout not open with buton

Describe your issue

When button pressed sidebar need opened but its not.When ı open sidebar with gesture and closed ı can open it using buton

Steps to reproduce the issue

Add side bar layout
Add buton
Try open sidebar with buton click for first time

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This is already fixed for the release of today

Oh ı miss thanks
Is this sidebar layout works on companion ? Or ı need build it?

It works on companion


After opening sidebar or selecting makeroid companion stops working …

This issue has been fixed, be patient.

This happens because you did now wait for the bug fix release…


Latest update not fixed this issue.We need wait for next update?

This is fixed already

Today i tested my app and its still not working I’m wrong? I will test it again

Not sure why it is not working for you but we fixed the bug in last bugfix release some days ago

Its not work for me.I need first open sidebar with gesture for button click work.If sidebar not opened with gestured button click method not work.I use same block on #1 post

Create a new project and test again…

Works on new projects not work on my old project

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