Side Menu not showing header picture

Hello fellow koders,

I have a Side Menu component in my current app with a header picture in url format but this picture doesn’t show.
I put the image file in url format because it is different image url for different user.

Anyone can help on this ?

Thanks in advance.

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show blocks

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The get photo is a url.

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can u share url?
moreover as you load it from url it may take time
try changing get photo to get global photo

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When uploading or calling Internet files via URL, you should make sure that you are running it, either in Screen.Initialize or when you press a button or other element .click / .touch

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if u use url, i think the url is wrong :thinking:

Maybe the format is not correct or only support image extensions and not html / xml

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Seems like the url take long to load. It show in other screen. Thanks all for the reply.

I recommend you use thumbnails

Already resize and use thumbnails. Thanks.