Side menu problem

In apk when app is opened and clicked on three horizontal lines which opens side menu, the side menu is not opening.

It is opening when the user once swipe right.

How app users know that there is a side menu which opens by swiping to right.

How to fix this??

And the all blocks of side menu are not working without swiping the screen. That is when i swipe screen once thereafter all is working fine.

It is opened…
Maybe you have added some wrong logics but I can say that the side menu works how it should.

No its not opening without swiping the screen. I can show my blocks

How should that logic works?!
And why should the side menu be openend after you opened a screen?!

But if you really want to do what you want, why not like this?!

Please do some basic tutorials!
It looks for me that you don’t know the basics.

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