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Hello friends, I would like to know if there is another way to use the “side menu component”. If I have 10 screens, will I have to copy the blocks from the side menu on all screens? Isn’t there another way to do this? If I have to change something in the menu, I will have to change it on all other screens.

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Yes you have to make 10 screen for that. You may also consider custom side menu, which is in the Built-in component as I remember.


You can make 1 screen and place several vertical arrangements, one for each “screens”.Set the visible to true according to the choice in the side menu. And of course, put the others visible = false.


Then you have to many. Read “Use different screens wisely”


As @Rogerio_Rios suggested use vertical arrangements.
See here for instructions (min 9:06)


Friends, thank you very much for your help, but I really need the 10 screens, because, they are screens with complex code that would not be a good practice to unify them. As I understand it, I will need to copy it. So, the ideal would be to create an exclusive component for the application, but I believe that this would be very complex.

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Kodular does not have this component, correct?

Rogério, I didn’t understand your suggestion. But I believe that I would have to copy the menu blocks to the other screens in the same way. That’s right, correct?

Yes, you need to copy to all screen, that’s why we suggested not to use so many screens.

This is a way to reduce the use of too many screen.


If you had any issue then use custom side menu.

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bodymindpower, I meant that the kodular side menu is different from the appbuilder component.

Use only 1 screen Place 1 vertical arregenment to be your main one. Insert N vertical regenment (1 for each side menu option). If your side menu has 5 options, create 5 vertical arregenment. Leave them all Visible = false. During development, just leave Visible = true, that “screen” that is working. When you start your app, everyone will be Visible = false. When clicking on the option on the side menu, check the title where it was clicked and enable the specific vertical arregenment and disable the others.

Rogerio, I understand your guidance. However, in my case, I believe the code will become very complex. You are suggesting that all the functionality of the app are on one screen, correct?

Yes. All blocks will be on one screen. YouTube has videos about it.

Rogerio, would you have a tutorial link on this topic?

Rogerio, youtube link about using only one screen. I know I am abusing your goodwill, but you will help me a lot.

These were not. I’m not near the notebook where the history is. But it’s the same. The difference is that where they show the message, you will switch to the vertical arregenment Visible true and false.

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great. thank you very much for your help and patience.

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