SideMenu using full screen when exporting but not when using live companion

Side menu is using full screen when exporting the apk but not in live companion. And i want that it does not show full screen when exporting the .apk file. I have uploaded some screenshots and the .aia file, When using live companion,

After exporting app, and the .aia file,Side_Menu_Bug.aia (1.6 KB)
Please solve this as soon as possible. Also it worked on andromeda version but not in butterfly version after exporting the app

This is no bug…
This is now the only way how the side menu works.
Many users wanted a real side menu.
Now we have it. Thats it


n keep it it’s nice n always nice makeroid team, thanks all

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Then add some blocks for the sidemenu to toggle between a real sidemenu(using full-screen) and a smaller sidemenu as it looks more professional. Please add this in the next release.

There is current no way for that.

But as it is available using lice companion so i think it is possible. Please add this because i like the sidemenu dislplayed in live companion like this (

I dont joke…

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What do you mean?

That there is no way to a such a block what you want…

Then bring the earlier version of smaller sidemenu as it was in andromeda please

There is current no way…

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