Sign In Authentication Issue

After creating my Sign up App and adding Firebase authentication.
During the testing phase,i noticed that when i sign up the information will show up on my firebase database but when i logout and attempt to login in back,It shows “Phone Number not registered”

Any Solution?

Seems your coding has bugs. You can post a screenshot to help us understand.

You are asking in multiple places. Ask only in the forum of the builder you use.

collected the aia file from a friend and it was working perfectly on his App but after changing firebase token and Url
I got the Error message

Sorry about that.
If you are willing to help,i can send you the aia file
You can check for me

Check if you have entered the Firebase Token and URL correct.

i checked over 20 different times

You can send the AIA to check… Also, send screenshots of Firebase API & URL (On personal message). Send API & URL, Only if you believe.

message me personally then