Sign up with email and password error

Hello guys, i want to know what i did wrong. If i use sign up with email and password i get a the error: The given provider is disabled for this firebase Project. Enable it in the Firebase console under the sign in method tab for the Auth ssection.
I had done all your steps with google file and so on. I checked the package name what is alright. Auth with email and password and google is activated.

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i read that and did tat what is written there
but if i want to sign up a user i get the error.
Privider Email/Password make the problem.

And if i triy google this makes no different.

And no user is added to firebase

I tried all steps again. But this makes no changes.

I have tested it with a builded APK. With a builded APK you can sign up a user. If i am signed in and if it works with google,ihave to test it.

This is important to know, that the firebase Auth does not work with the companion App. You have to built your APK.

Lets see if the Google Login works and sign up too.

I think this should be written in the Docs because there is no info that this only works with a builded APK and not in the Companion.

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