Signing an AAB file tutorial

I can’t say as I don’t have GPlay account and that’s why I’m asking…

Also @Point I see you have a second account @Point2 . Only one account is allowed in the community.

I know, I opened another account because I have another Kodular account for testing (because I do not want to flood my main account with useless projects).
So I accidentally sent it from the other account :sweat_smile:

So… I’m pretty sure that’s true
(in AAB files)

It’s applicable with Google Play App Signing, which is mandatory for AABs but optional for APKs.

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I know that is mandatory to sign with GPlay signing, but is it really different signature for each app

@Boban this is my same question. Is it necessary an unique signing file for each app or I can use the same one to sign all my apps??? It is the key question.

java -jar pepk.jar --keystore = C: \ Users \ Belsoft \ Downloads \ android.keystore --alias = androidkey --output = C: \ Users \ Belsoft \ Desktop \ Apps \ --include -cert --encryptionkey = xxxxxxxx
Thanks for posting this great tutorial. You can successfully sign kodular android.keystore. I uploaded the zip file that gives me the signature made on my Google Play console when I upload my ABB to the console. This alert message tells me “Your Android App Bundle has an invalid signature. Please reload it with a valid signature.” Am I failing a procedure?
The tutorial is correct the error that caused that message is the bad modification that I made in AndroidManifes

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I am unable to see step 3 after step 2. It is asking me to provide aab file, that things not coming as shown in your screenshot.

What rectification you made?

Can you provide a screenshot of what you see?


The application appears to be signed

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Here in this guide I recorded myself

Hello, when it asks me for the password the cmd does not let me write

in that part when I try to write it does not work, what is the error?

That’s fine, it’s just hiding the text. Enter “android” and press enter

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Thanks for this tutorial. Really helps

btw, I am stuck after the file is created.

I am getting an error
Use a valid app signing key to continue
The private key was not properly encrypted or is not a type of key that we support.

How do i resolve this?


Why ?
It is not necessary to switch to Google’s Play App Signing (PAS) for existing apps that have been uploaded and published as APK. I would advise anyone not to opt for PAS as it just makes things unnecessarily complicated.

You don’t have a choice for new apps, but then there is no problem with signing the AAB.

When upload altered and signed AAB bundle, Google Paly show this error
“Your android app bundle is signed with the wrong key”

Always i need replace notification icons of original AAB file downloaded from Kodular.
Always i sign with jarsigner the new AAB file after the icons are changed.