Simple ChatBot using BrainShop API

Hey guys! I’ve made this super simple ChatBot using BrainShop API.

This is a super basic app and can be improved.
I’ll leave the apk and the source code.

You can customize the chatbot by creating a custom api key at BrainShop (you need to register).


Extension used: Json Utils by Jerin_Jacob

ChatBot.apk (5.3 MB)

AIA File:
ChatBot.aia (9.4 KB)


Please stop spamming the forum by stealth - that is, by making minor and unnecessary edits to your post just to get your topic to the top of the page.

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Oh… I’m sorry, I didn’t know that.
Sometimes I find mistakes and correct them, but now that you’ve warned me I’ll be more careful!

Once you create a post you should check it straight away and make any edits you need to. There’s no issue there, I sometimes do that myself.

Otherwise you should only make corrections when they change or add to what you are saying. Making minor corrections, especially those that don’t really change anything, a long time after you write a post makes it seem like you are spamming, and you don’t want mods getting involved.

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Yes @deanart2012 @windows_ubuntu you should never make edits that make no sense or keep spamming replying just to get your post at the top of the page just below the pinned posts.


I wonder if the owners of the api you use know that thanks to the api they share, we will get the questions and answers from the brain and make our own artificial intelligence :slight_smile:

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