Simple Dynamic Grid View Using Dynamic Extension


Hi Koders, it’s been a few months since the latest guide from me. Today I will share a method to make simple and customizable grid view using @yusufcihan’s dynamic component extension.


First Method:

It is a loop in a loop.
Firstly, it will create numbers of row using Horizontal Arrangement. Inside the row (Horizontal Arrangement), we have to create your desire numbers of cells. After a couple loop, it’s done!

Note: in the calculation of the id, 5 is the number of cells in each row, so you have to input your own number. (column is a wrong variable name)

Second Method:

This time, we will create the needed row first. Afterwards, add the numbers of needed cells.
The way to get the row component is to first add all component in a global list. Then take it out from the list using some calculation.

Note: 50 in the loop is all cells needed, and in the dividing calculation, 5 is the number of cells in each row

Customization Tips

  • If you want it to be as wide as the screen is, set all horizontal arrangement and card view to -2
  • If there is too much cells, the card view will shrink. Therefore you can use Horizontal Scroll Arrangement instead of Horizontal Arrangement.


That’s all for today! Thanks for reading this guide :wink:
Also big thanks to @yusufcihan’s extension
Kodular :kodular: for a great platform
If you like it, give it a thumbs-up :pray:


Great work :heart:


Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks, very nice guide.

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Congratulations. This is a good algorithm exercise for newbies (I’m not talking about young people, but newcomers to algorithms).


Thanks, @The_K_Studio :hugs:

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@Rogerio_Rios I totally agree with you. And I always love your signture “Everything is AIgorithm” (btw I think you spelled it wrong in your signture)

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Everything is algorithm. Make coffee, bathe, go to the beach to play Beach Tennis … Did you want “Everything is an algorithm”? :wink:


Ohhhhh…the letter “h”… :laughing:

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i have a confusion
with your fiest method
if we have a list of items say these are digits from 1…20
the if we want to add text of label from these numbers then we should use following block
m i right?

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Correct. My guide only tell you how to make a grid. You can add whatever you want.

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Good Job !!! pls help …

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Navigate to the menu on the left. Expand the Any Component and scroll down to Card View. There it is.

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Thanks for you reply, but …

Try dragging one card view and set it to invisible.

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thanks, it work,

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thank you for sharing this guide.

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