Simple password encryption

Hello everyone.
I’m just learning a little about how to make extensions and this would be an extension that I’ve been working on, it’s simple, but I think it can be useful for those who may find it a little complicated.

It is a small extension that encrypts information using a password or key and the encrypted text cannot be decrypted unless you have the key.

The use of the blocks is simple, just the text that they are going to encrypt and any key.
And to decrypt it, they put the encrypted thing and their key or password

AIX Extension:
Security.aix (6,0 KB)

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Can I use this for Protection of my Api Keys?

Does the password for encrypted text remain same and can be used anytime to decrypt?

Thank You for this useful extension :ok_hand:

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Whether the password will remain the same

You can protect lists, dictionaries, text, etc.

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What kind of encryption do you use.
What is the size of the encryption key?

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Only use encryption extensions, with source code published, to know if an encryption is safe.
You can find them in Taifun overview of extensions