Simple shop app, Updated some designs and added new features

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Shop beta

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This is a simple e-commerce app. I used google apps script to manage data and connect this app with google sheets. This app has most of the necessary things. This app is made for new entrepreneurs.
I am learning kodular for the last 9 months, so help me to improve myself.
I need your suggestion.

Thank you…


  • App database: Airtable + Google Sheets

  • Authontication : Firebase Auth

  • Image storage: Cloudinary

  • Payment method: Cash on deliver

Version 1

Here are the Extensions that I used on this app:

:heart: :blue_heart:Thanks to all extensions developers for make useful extensions. :heart: :blue_heart:


This is an updated version of this app.

Simple update (Version 2)

*Update info
Simple shop app, Updated some designs and added new features - #10 by RDR_SA

New redesign version ( Version 3 )

Simple shop app, Updated some designs and added new features - #21 by RDR_SA

Download link (APK):

Please don’t forget to send me your feedback or suggestions. That can help me to improve my skill.


UI design is super cool @RDR_SA :heart_eyes: :heart: loved ur app :smiley:

:blue_heart:Thank you so much :blue_heart:

wow :heart_eyes: Awesome UI design :ok_hand:

Soo good…

i think the title is misleading :joy:

it’s really good :grinning:

its really Simple app:grinning:

Good UI :+1:
Keep it up

Cool ui man. Congratulation

Thank you…

This is an updated version of this app.

*Update info

  1. Here I have added a new feature. This feature allows users to make their own store in this app. They can apply for a store. After their store is approved, they can post their product. But will not be directly published, it’s will going in pending for review by this app admin. Admin will decide that the post publishable or not.
  2. In this new version, I have added auto email notifications.

Here are some screenshots

Test email design

*Note: This version is not available for testing. But it will be coming soon for testing.
If you want to test the shop beta app you can visit my previous post.

I am not a professional developer, so please forgive my mistakes and suggest how can I improve them.

Thank you all :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


friend to choose the quantity of products, did you use an extension?

Excellent application you are creating

I used recycler view extension only for this design

how make app promotional video? can you guide me?

I used canva for make my videos. Nothing spacial.

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Hello, do you sell this AIA?


Yea :heart:

I want to buy this Aia. Please provide me details. :slight_smile:

Best for me. Super UI design. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :hushed: :open_mouth: :astonished:

Shop beta Redesign update (Version 3);
In this version, we just update some designs and added new features.

  1. Phone number login added
  2. Offer system added
  3. Simple redeem code system added
Screenshots of new design:


Thank you all to inspiring me :heart: :heart: :heart:
If you found any bugs or errors please notify me

Test app link:


Love your work. It’s awesome. I imagine how much hard work it needed to successfully launch this kind of huge work.