Single bit and function

hi, i would need to extract single bit information from an 8 digit binary number. i tried with bitwise but it returns bitwise result.
I would need an and on the single bit, choosing the relative position.
thanks for any replies.

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numbers are processed as strings … good!
but in my case the number ranges from 0 to 255 … and with numbers less than 128 glo 0 is omitted …
how can i solve?
thank you

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is there a more elegant way to solve?

I do not know what exactly you’re trying to do. I might be wrong here. But I tried something similar like you but dynamically

You can test the aia first :point_right: singleBit.aia (3.1 KB)

Let me know if this helped you, else I’ll remove this comment
or also I can refine it, if you explain what exactly you want to do

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