Skip Splash When Screen Loads

Hello friends, I made a webview application, but it consists of two screens (Screen1, Main) Screen1 has a splash, and the main is the website. I want it to skip the splash screen when the website loads. is it possible to do that? How can I do it?

You can do like this
In screen 1 take vertical arrangement and used this arrangement as splash page like your logo or loader or something.

And take another arrangement in which you make your website or webView in screen1.

And hide the second arrangement in which webView contains.

Now when screen initialise load your webView. And use when view page loaded. Set splash arrangement visible to false and set webView arrangement visible to true.

But as you asked in your question you can’t do that.

Summary is don’t make screen1 as splash screen only you can use screen1 as your primary screen and make splash screen virtually by using arrangement visible off and on.
Hope you understand