Slider Lack Properties of increment

the slider component lack of increment menu properties, so we can set the increment of the bar
and the increment should between the min and max value of slider

I dont understand what you mean

the slider interface
when you slide it will increment int 0,1
i want to change its increment to 1 or 2, as long it doesn’t exceed the max value of the increment

such as in the slider i set the min value to 0, max value to 10, and i want to slide it on increment of 1 instead of 0,1


@mika maybe review this again


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okay thanks for your suggestion.
that works like magic.

The AI Slider(SeekBar) is set to work between 0-100:
//The boundaries for Seekbar are between 0-100 and there is no lower-limit that could be set. We keep the SeekBar effectively at **[0-100]** and calculate thumb position within that range. seekbar.setMax(100);

private void setSeekbarPosition() { float seekbarPosition = ((thumbPosition - minValue) / (maxValue - minValue)) * 100;

I see why now.
setMin wasn’t added till API26:

Yes I know and I’m able to change both 0-100 and seekbar.setMax(100) manually to whatever number I want.