Slow motion many blocks


When i have many blocks is difficult and slow moving the page, and zoom…
Is there something that we could do to improve it?
(I have a “net” laptop, short memory, and now in Linux Mint :wink: )


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If the blocks editor is laggy try using a different browser. Firefox doesn’t have lag issues for me at least.

Switch to either chrome or Firefox as @Nikthegreek said.

Use Firefox for Kodular. It’s much faster

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I’m also firefox for kodular it’s better than all browsers for kodular.


Minimize the blocks and maximize the blocks that you are using

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As Felipe mentioned, collapsing the blocks does help quite a bit and makes it easier to navigate your blocks


Yahhh… Mozilla Firefox is faster.


I’m having this same problem and this is a pain in the ass because my app has a lot of blocks, it’s a huge project.
Using Firefox doesn’t solve my problem.

I have more than 2000 blocks in one screen and the app isn’t even finished yet. You can imagine the lag I face when using Chrome. Changing to Firefox helped a bit but it’s still laggy. Maybe if I collapse most of the blocks the lag will be reduced.

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I have 6, 000 blocks. I’ve reduced the blocks, but the problem is constant.


To avoid lag, a decent/good computer as well as a good internet connection is necessary

If you don’t have stuff as above then this will help minimize the lag

Btw, don’t start with (I have 20, 50 or 100 Mbps connection because this doesn’t tell much how fast you are comunicating with the server)



I can tell for sure that hardware configuration it’s not an issue here, also I monitor the resources consumption and Kodular uses less than half of what I have.
Internet neither, I’ve testing Kodular from many places that has very good connection.

Give more info about

  • Latency
  • Nodes (how many between you the final destination and back to you)



Some more stuff to read about

I use this neat thing to get visual representation on the map

and this is my visual uotput Traceroute mapper.


Same Problem here. Kodular gets slower and slower the more blocks I use. Even scrolling is a pain. When I move the sliders in block view, the browser needs at least 20 secs to follow. But I use firefox, with a very fast internet connection on a very fast gaming laptop. So speed isn’t the problem here. Next I try to collapse the blocks.

Still no solving of this problem?

So far we have no idea about your app

  • blocks
  • how many components
  • which kind of components

This doesn’t say much how fast you are communicating with the server

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I started building my app on a notebook I used for everyday stuff (2gb of ram) when I got to 1500 blocks it became extremely laggy, moved to a 4gb of ram laptop I wasn’t using and it worked well, now at 3000-4000 blocks using a PC with 8gb of ram and having no issues with lag.

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