Small bounce during scroll

Greetings to all of you
When I scroll, a small bounce appears, and I don’t know why
Does anyone know the reason for this small jump?

The video is private and can’t be played here or on youtube.
Post another example.

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@bestprintsf I made it public

When scroll arrangement reaches to the bottom there will be a bounce like effect to inform that you have reached the bottom.

And also in your app there is load more list items logic.


Question: the same don’t happen when the scroll reaches the top ?
To show the end of scroll up or down…

It also happens if you try a fast scroll towards upward direction, there will be a little bounce effect.


Thanks so much Kiran !!!
So it’s a normal effect to show you reach to the end or the beginning of the VSA no bug or issue.
@sherif your question is answered (at least that’s what I think) .


No its not a bug or anything.


it was a clock enabled without :smiley: disabled

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