Small problem regarding community ads


I just wanted to warn/ask something about a bug I noticed recently. I’m not able to see ads even when my adblocker is disabled on the community website, it just shows a blank text saying “ADVERTISEMENT”.

Any visible problems on AdSense?

It’s actually as common as you think it may not be… It happens to me all the time and sometimes I just see a pink block instead, DK why?

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That’s because there are no ads available for you :sweat_smile:

You should have it disappear when there are no ads?

I don’t think the AD networks specifically tell you when there are ADs.

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But um, probably this is not because of that. I haven’t seen an ad for the past 4/5 months. Maybe more.

Well, I keep getting ADs from AdMob advertising itself, so it works I guess. :joy:

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