Smart Scanner {Finally Released} - Elegant Material U! and awesome features


Features :point_down:
A smart QR/BAR code scanner and creator.:sunglasses:
Scan various types of QR/BAR codes in seconds, smartly.:scissors:
Create various QR codes - Number, Text , Link, or anything you want.
Get info related to scanned code and access it’s contents inside app.
Remix your generated/scanned codes within minutes.
Add them to favourites and much more.:wink::grin:

Thanks to all Beta Testers and other community members who helped me by providing their feedback and suggesting necessary changes.:partying_face:

Thanks to @Franck_G28 :sunglasses:

Special Thanks to @Boban for answering/fixing my annoying problems. :grin: and helping me out .

NOTE :- There is some issue saving and retrieving favorites, so be patience and wait it will be solved in next update along with other issues and more amazing features will be added.

APK:- Smart Scanner.apk (5.9 MB)

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AIA:- Paid (PM ME )


Thanx, before rolling the new update I am confused so I wanna ask what do you all think should I add a history tab as well in the app tell me below and if you think there can be other interesting features as well that I can add then tell me about them below.

It’s not clean design


Thanks feedback appreciated, but have you downloaded it or saying that just by looking at screenshots because it does’nt look that good in screen shots

How do you change Status,title,navigation bar color each time according to match main colors it really adds a cool effect to the app

I downloaded it and it’s UI is awesome does’nt looks like made in Kodular, can you share it’s aia

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It could be better better, layout doesn’t showing properly

Thanx it’s not open source you can PM me if you are interested in buying it

@Androteq Can you explain me exactly what’s the problem,So that I can fix it

QR code isn’t looking properly

Navigation button is overlapping layout

What I think everything is fine

Yes but only a little bit but when you save it in gallery it saves completely in it’s full size so don’t worry about that .

No its’nt everything looks fine to me it only happens when you type something in text box but maybe I can fix that too

is that all that’s not a big problem it’s not even a bug but still thanx for your feedback

It is irritating for me

In that case I have to fix it :smiley:any thing else you would like me to improve

I don’t think so

Thank you everyone for feedback I am working on few apps from last few months and also on improving UI of this app, but I am completely confused so I would like some help from you all if possible, suggest necessary changes I should make in order to make app and it’s UI more user friendly and looking at reviews it looks like that most of you did’nt find app UI that user friendly so everyone who thinks that I can improve it please let me know your suggestions, thanx